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Interview for Connection

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Interviewing candidates as a first time employer can be intimidating. For those who are more seasoned, competing obligations often result in haste and insensitivity. Although arduous, it's also what we enjoy most about what we do as a Search and Placement firm. The reward for our human approach is connection and better understanding those we serve day-to-day.

Connection (noun): a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else. "the connections between social attitudes and productivity"

Before diving into candidate interviews, have a firm understanding of your expectations, be intentional in your approach and be certain of your leadership style. Understanding leadership style when hiring is not discussed enough, rarely coupled with company culture and rarely matched appropriately. Leadership styles are not a one-size-fits-all deal. Autocratic leaders and creative out-of-the-box thinkers don't usually mesh well as one is very rigid while the other is flexible and open. Same with Laissez-Faire leaders and operation brained thinkers, one is too passive while the other is organized and expects accountability. Match accordingly.

OK! You have shuffled through candidates, references have been checked, assessments have been completed and additional measures have been taken to ensure the candidate can perform the duties you have described and their resume rings true.

So take some time in the interview process to get to know the human behind the resume. Afterall, this person may be a long term member within your organization and you need to feel certain they will fit within the intended or existing culture. Keep in mind, on the other side of that resume is a person who has been pounding the pavement for months in spite of daily responsibilities, insecurities, and stressors. Be kind. Be open. Find a common thread. Show some vulnerability and speak candidly. We are human centered and candidates that undergo an interview with HBGM&Co. remember most of all how we made them feel.Take our advice here and form a connection; It makes a world of difference.

Through client experience, we often find one of the main barriers around securing quality candidates is an overly lengthy interview process. Usually around the third interview, candidates begin to lose interest and fall out of the pipeline. If the company mission, salary and benefits are outstanding enough for candidates to hold out, they will last past a fifth interview but usually won't accept the position if offered. Why? They may have accepted another opportunity in the interim or feel if they need to jump through so many hoops during the interview process, what will they face internally? A solid concern as this can convey the team is inefficient in creating streamlined processes and are all over the place. Unless you are courting a top level executive, do not exceed three separate interviews.

How you communicate with your candidates after the interview process should be just as intentional. Common amongst the water hole are candidates venting of being ghosted, receiving no communication for weeks or receiving cold templated communication dismissing them from the pipeline. Don’t allow communication with candidates to exceed more than 2 weeks, no matter the outcome of their interview. We strongly suggest communicating within 1 week, but we understand the constraints companies are facing these days. Again, on the other side of these resumes are humans with real problems just like you. Go the extra mile with your own personal circumstances in mind.

You’ve got this! We’re rooting for you!

Don’t got this? Reach out to our team at for one-of-a-kind placement services. We’ve got you.

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