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Designing Safer Spaces for People to Lead.

The cycle of hire-fire has become a bandaid to the underlying issues affecting employee success. We rip it off, uncover the barriers, reintroduce employee potential, and reinvigorate the workplace.


Handled by Gwenn M & Co. is a Placement & Consulting firm designing safer spaces for all people to lead, by centering the employees journey to success. We team with universities, government agencies and small businesses to identify, nurture, and advance human potential with a human-centered approach that increases retention, improves ROI, and decreases organization spend.


Dynamic Companies Engage Us


When organizational systems and processes have not evolved with scale.

Experiencing high turnover, low engagement, and slim attraction rates.

When a thoughtful approach to placement is required. An approach that increases candidate success to advancement, ROI, and decreases organizational spend.

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Creating safer and more equitable workplaces is an ambitious job, but somebody’s gotta do it.
Executive as a Service


Safe spaces for people to lead.

Handled by Gwenn M & Co. places and advances unique candidates within companies that are serious about transforming spaces. We place for belonging, never to fill a void.

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Roster access

  • Flexible placement and contract design

  • Retained Executive Search 


Transforming companies into safe spaces.

Handled by Gwenn M & Co. improves workplace behavior and increases attraction, engagement, and retention. Consult with our team to learn how.

  • Retention strategy & implementation

  • Human-centered conflict resolution

  • Workforce development & coaching 

  • Employee integration experiences

  • Leadership development program design

  • Curate workplace discussion design

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Why HBGM&Co. Exists

  • 1 in 3 HR professionals reported the quality of their employee integration is poor

  • Baby Boomers are retiring, placing downward pressure on the job market

  • 400 companies with 100,000 employees each cited an average loss, per company, of $62.4 million per year due to inadequate communication

HBGM&Co. addresses these concerns by:

  • Reviatlizing organizational processes and resources

  • Filtering nontraditional talent through the pipeline

  • Nurturing communication between all levels


Expert knowledge and strategy

Evolving contracts & retainers

Human-Centered vetting process

Respect-based retention principles



More than 650,000 people  experienced homelessness on a single night in January 2023, a 12% increase from 2022.


In 2000, women were only 4% of the veteran population. By 2040, women will be 18% of the veteran population. Today’s women veterans are the best-educated and most diverse generation. 


Foreign-Born workers make up nearly 20% of the US workforce — just over 30 out of 168 million — and participate in the labor force at a higher rate than native-born workers. 


The average annual employment rate for people with disabilities is 22.5%, a 3.4 percent increase in the last five years.


25% Women of age 65 and over are projected to make up 25 percent of the female labor force in 2024, while older men are projected to make up 21 percent of the male labor force.

Nontraditional talent options such as Veterans, Differently Abled, Immigrant, Mature-aged, and Unhoused workers are opportunities to diversify talent pipelines. Companies who are educated on how to retain them benefit from high employee retention with research showing an 18% increase in valuation versus the average.

Expand Your Leadership Footprint

The “Co.” in Handled by Gwenn M & Co. is the realization that advancement in the corporate world requires team effort. In our case, that team is a company of Trailblazers who are the change we wish to see and ensure nontraditional talent have the opportunities they deserve. High-performing, business-savvy talent like you bring new life and profits to companies because of your irreplaceable talents and insights. If your superpowers include being a risk-taker, creative thinker, negotiator, and progresser of diversity, equity, and inclusion — we’d love to magnify your voice and influence. 


Work culture that is 100% remote or hybrid to make flexibility more accessible in your life.


Executive coaching, development tools, resume revitalization, and interview readiness.

Internal support system from the HBGM&Co. community.



Our Team



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In her decade-long freelance journey, Gwenn observed a common challenge among leaders who treated hiring/firing as a quick fix for underlying issues affecting employee success. Witnessing the devaluation of employee potential, rampant conflicts, and inadequate resources, she recognized the need for a more strategic and holistic approach.


Gwenn McGuire, Founder of Handled by Gwenn M & Co., brings a wealth of experience in recruitment spanning the TV/Film industry, wellness sector, and social impact organizations nationwide. With a unique ability to identify and cultivate potential, she has consistently elevated organization retention rates and fostered improved communication between employers and employees, contributing to a thriving work environment.


Motivated by a genuine concern for the professional well-being of individuals and the overall health of workspaces, Gwenn embraced the role of Executive Director at Pour Over Love, a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the professional development of Atlanta's youth (18-25). Through job training, mentorship, development programs, and access to a network of locally vetted experts, Pour Over Love approaches youth empowerment with intentionality and love.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Gwenn is actively engaged as a volunteer board member at the Atlanta YMCA Carl E Sanders facility. 


Get to know the visionary behind Handled by Gwenn M & Co., a dedicated professional committed to making a lasting impact on both individuals and the community at large.

An Ambitious Firm With a Lasting Impact


Entry-level placement of a Trailblazer within a wellness company, resulting in a promotion to Operations Manager within one year. 

“I have amassed a number of powerhouse skills on my resume but was missing the job title and salary to match. HBGM&Co. assessed my skills on a macro level and matched me with a company I not only aligned with personally, but a company with a clear trajectory towards upward growth. Through development and coaching I scaled with the company from an entry-level position to middle management. The concept is brilliant and I am thriving in this new role.”

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