Diversifying the Face of Leadership.

HBGM&Co. gives diversity hire and retention a deeper purpose. Our placement services meet companies at every level of growth, while prioritizing and developing nontraditional female candidates for placement. We even guide organizations on how to retain them. 


HBGM&Co. is an Executive Search & Placement firm driven to embolden forward-thinking clients and elevate underrepresented women in corporate spaces. By placing nontraditional hires within startups and enterprise-sized companies, we dismantle the talent pipeline myth floating around corporate America.

Dynamic Companies Engage Us


During start-up for knowledgeable, dedicated executives to accelerate their growth.


During growth for senior-level leaders to guide their team into new territory.


For retention best practices to nurture internal relationships that sustain their success.


Meeting startups at each level of growth.

Offerings Designed for Your Unique Needs

EaaS (Executive as a Service)

EaaS pairs you with an experienced entry-level to mid-level Executive who grows with your start-up or established enterprise as you scale. Our strategically chosen Executive deeply integrates within your company culture to take on responsibilities that progress your mission, vision, and goals.

Executive Search

An executive search is ideal when you are ready to onboard a new employee but your team lacks the bandwidth to vet candidates, assess qualifications, and coordinate hiring. Our team works diligently to maintain a growing network and access to exceptional entry-level to senior-level executives.

Executive Support

Our executive support professionals step in when you need focused expertise for short-term projects. Your leadership team is only as efficient as the people who skillfully handle the inner workings of your systems and processes. We have cultivated a roster of first-rate talent to help streamline activities in areas such as project management, systems design, and customer service.

Leverage Diverse,
Expert Leadership

Being a leader in our ever-changing world is for bold, perceptive individuals who champion facilitating camaraderie, teamwork, and innovation among people of diverse identities. When you push against the norms of your industry to embrace new perspectives, your company’s full potential for meaningful, far-reaching impact is unlocked. HBGM&Co. connects you with transformative executives who make heading a company in this day and age refreshing.




Extensive fit-for-placement development

Evolving contracts & retainers

Human-Centered vetting process

Respect-based retention principles


Women serve as nearly half of the labor force with 21% in C-suite seats and only 4% of these seats are occupied by Black or Latina women.


In 2000, women were only 4% of the veteran population. By 2040, women will be 18% of the veteran population. Today’s women veterans are the best-educated and most diverse generation. 


Employers are 33% less likely to request an interview from a woman perceived as LGBTQIA+, compared to one perceived as heterosexual.


Only 34.6 percent of working-age women with disabilities (3.5 million) are employed in the U.S. compared to 82.5 percent of working-age women without disabilities.

HBGM&Co. advocates for and uplifts women from these groups through the corporate ranks while teaching employers how to retain them. Companies benefit from high employee retention with recent research showing an 18% increase in valuation versus the average.

Expand Your Leadership Footprint

The “Co.” in HBGM&Co. is the realization that advancement in the corporate world requires team effort. In our case, that team is a company of women who are the change we wish to see and ensure underrepresented women have the opportunities they deserve. High-performing, business-savvy executives like you bring new life and profits to companies because of your irreplaceable talents and insights. If your superpowers include being a risk-taker, creative thinker, negotiator, and progresser of diversity, equity, and inclusion — we’d love to magnify your voice and influence. 


Work culture that is 100% remote to make balance more accessible in your life.


Executive coaching, development tools, resume revitalization, and interview readiness.

Internal support system from the HBGM&Co. community.



A mere girls trip to Cartegena, Colombia for strangers culminated into a serendipitous journey for Gwenn and Janaye who not only left as friends, but are now business partners. As professionals in the executive space, we realized that our experiences in corporate America, as women, were closely related; shared passion became more than conversation. We began to hone in on the challenges confronting women in corporate America, created an actionable plan, and discovered we are just crazy enough to take on an age old issue. Meet the Founders of HBGM&Co.


An Ambitious Firm With a Lasting Impact



Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

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Case Study 01

Entry-level placement of Executive within a wellness company, resulting in a promotion to Operations Manager within one year. 

“I have amassed a number of powerhouse skills on my resume but was missing the job title and salary to match. HBGM&Co. assessed my skills on a macro level and matched me with a company I not only aligned with personally, but a company with a clear trajectory towards upward growth. Through development and coaching I scaled with the company from an entry-level position to middle management. The concept is brilliant and I am thriving in this new role.”

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